Tuesday, 25 April 2017

3 step mordant, 3 dye pots and a bit of smocking ...

An invitation to take part in the (Surface) Pattern Exhibition  at Unit Twelve Gallery, 27th April- 26th August 2017 ...  the opportunity to make more Smocked books.

Inspiration:  to replicate the gold tooling on the spine of the book with a feminine art form. Reminiscent of the smocked dresses many of us wore as children, and for some, the memory of the women who made those dresses.   

Dyes: Indigo, Madder and Goldenrod 
Mordant: 3 step alum and tannin (it may take 3 days but 'oh my', the colours are so clear.)
Fabric: Recycled bed sheet and linen threads
Paper: 130 gsm recycled cartridge paper

 Madder and Goldenrod dyed cotton and linens
 ... overdyed with Indigo to hush the fierce yellow

 In situ and Unit Twelve ...